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Boardroom Quick Start Guide

New Meeting

To begin a new Zoom meeting, select “New Meeting”


To invite outside participants to the new meeting via email, select “Participants”. This section will also provide your “Meeting ID” and passcode as well as a direct link to your invitees.


To join an existing meeting, select “Join Meeting” and enter your “Meeting ID” and passcode when prompted.

Share Content

To share content during the meeting, select “Share Content” Guests will have the ability to share via the HDMI port/cable located in the table cubby. A USB-C Adapter will be available as well.

White Board

To share content from the whiteboard on the adjacent wall during a meeting, press the white “Logi” button located on the left side of the whiteboard. Views from this board will be available to every participant. Press again to disable the view.

Thank you. If you have any have any difficulty in accessing our boardroom equipment, please call ###### for assistance.