At Sunset Marquis

I packed my bags…

…last night, preflight, but my zero hour was 4 am. A day of travel I wouldn’t wish on a bad actor on the worst of days. I rolled into Sunset Marquis late and stumbled into my uxury west hollywood hotel suite minutes later.

The day began with grand plans; Cavatina for dinner, Bar 1200 for some piano and bourbon, maybe a stroll up on Sunset Strip. Now the room service menu was calling my name.

Twenty minutes later I’m sitting on the patio of my suite, on the edge of the pool (one in the same) enjoying the cool California evening with a steak, a bourbon, and a chocolate something or another. Jimi Hendrix stares me down from his giant photo across the pool. Exquisite meal enjoyed. I melt into my chair and contemplate my fluffy cloud of a bed, I raise my glass to Jimi, I guess we’re both in heaven tonight.

Junior suites

It’s like a room, but sweeter. Maybe that’s why they call it a suite. All the amenities of our suites in one superbly sized room.

One bedroom suites

The One Bedroom Suite is also a One Living Room Suite with one heck of a bathroom and so close to the pool it’s practically a One Pool Suite. Maybe it should just be the ONE Suite.

King Guest  Room

King Guest Room

It’s good to be King, but don’t worry we won’t check your royal credentials to declare you King of this room for a knight.

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