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Hero One Bedroom Villa


Indulge in an abundance of rest and relaxation in the privacy of your luxurious villa surrounded by lush gardens.

Start your day with a self-guided workout using the one-of-a-kind THROWDOWN F.X.D. “All workouts in one” workout bench. Follow up with a complimentary healthy breakfast at our Cavatina restaurant. Spend your evening winding down with an in-room yoga and a powerful meditation session using our SOLU speakers N.O.W. Tone Therapy system. Finally, hop into our sumptuous King-size bed and indulge your senses with a lavender-infused eye pillow, yours to keep.

Breakfast Açaí
n.o.w. Tone Therapy System by Solu Meditation Speakers

The Gear

Accessories Included:

  • One – 5lb dumbells
  • Two – 10lb Dumbells
  • Two – 15lb Dumbells
  • Two – 20lb Dumbells
  • One – 15lb Kettlebell
  • One – 30lb kettlebell
  • Hand weights
  • Sleeved Resistance Tubes
    Level 1 – 15lb
    Level 2 – 30lb
    Level 3 – 35lb
  • Two – Resistance tube handles and ankle straps
Villa Livingroom
Villa Bath