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From the beginning, Sunset Marquis has catered to visitors from outside the U.S., mostly pale rock ‘n rollers from the UK and Europe with sold out gigs at the nearby House of Blues who’d forgotten their sunscreen.

But with a staff as diverse as LA itself, Sunset Marquis easily manages to provide superior service with team members fluent in dozens of languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin, Farsi and Japanese, to name a few. Oh, and we speak UK English too, but we’re not too well versed in Gaelic.  We’re also Globe Trotters ourselves, and that’s makes us uniquely qualified to better understand the needs of our guests, both male and female, both big and small, and most certainly, both famous and infamous

So if you’ve forgotten your electrical outlet adapters, no problem. We’ve got you covered. Craving some homestyle cuisine? No worries there, either. LA has the largest Korean population outside of Korea, the largest Mexican population outside of Mexico City, the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam, the largest Samoan population outside of Samoa… well, you get the idea: with a population as varied as LA’s, there’s pretty much no type of food you can’t find here. From sprawling Koreatown to Little Ethiopia, Salvadoran papusarias to that Ukranian deli on Wilshire, our concierge has the best and most comprehensive list of all the best restaurants catering to any appetite.

We’ll also be happy to facilitate any communication challenges back home you might encounter. If your phone isn’t working or you need help accessing the Internet, we’re happy to organize a temporary mobile option or dispatch our IT experts to help you. Just let us know what our luxury Hollywood hotel can do to make your stay more enjoyable and more efficient.  

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